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2021 Stratford Shaw Combination Package

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Attached a sample package for people who want more flexibility and the ability to travel at their own pace. We can customize this package to suit your needs. Please note transportation is not included but can be added.

Custom Vacations

In the past few years, many of our clients have requested Vacations that were “not off the rack.” More and more our clients want to pick and choose exactly what interests them. As such we are now leaving it up to you to design your own Dream Vacation. Below is a list of areas that we offer to help you create your own unique lasting memory.

Please contact us for suggestions or to discuss the many different options that Central Canada has to offer.

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The Quebec Explorer – HOT PRODUCT

2021 Quebec Explorer Flyer

Due to the close proximity to the border and a common English background, much of English Speaking Canada has been influenced by American Culture whereas French Canada has retained much of its European Heritage.

For information on groups for which your company provides coach transportation, please click here  2021 Quebec Explorer Flyer.

For information on individual trips in which you travel on your own, please click contact for further information.

Toronto Vacations

Toronto is Canada’s largest city with more than 3 million people, meaning, that almost one in ten Canadian Residents live in this bustling metropolis!

Toronto is a hot bed of live theatre as well as the scene of many international films. In fact, the Toronto Film Festival is one of the most noted film festivals in the world.

We can fully customize your dream Toronto Vacation or add it to another city of your choice.

For information on Toronto Vacations, please click contact for further information

Corporate Travel

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  1. Niagara Golf & Wine Vacations
  2. Shaw Festival Getaways
  3. Stratford Festival Escapes

Our Theatre Vacations Corporate Reward Travel Packages will make a lifetime impression on your key corporate accounts!

Our Theatre Vacations Corporate Reward Travel Packages motivate your sales people and operations staff because it allows them to escape to a wonderful world of luxury hotels, sumptuous dining and fabulous theatre performances.

For further information or assistance in arranging your Theatre Vacations Corporate Reward Travel Package or gift certificate please e-mail us or call toll free in North America at 1-877-356-6385.

Making Memories

I had attended conventions where everyone said that two or more age groups travelling together was the latest travel trend. To tell you the truth, I didn’t get it until I spoke with Sheila.

Sheila’s husband had died last year and now she wanted to take her granddaughter on a graduation trip so they could ’make a memory‘ together. She was taking Erika on a train trip to the Shaw Festival Theatre to see Cole Porter’s ’High Society‘ and then on to the Stratford Festival Theatre to see the critically acclaimed ’Oliver‘.

It was then that I remembered my grandparents taking me by train to the Canadian National Exhibition when I was 10 years old. We had to go on Sample Day so we could eat for free! I told this to Sheila who said  “And I bet you have never forgotten the experience!”. “I never have,” I replied, and now everything was clear to me.

Let us help you design your personal “Memory Vacation” with your special people. Some ideas could include:

  1. Trips to Stratford or Shaw Festivals with your grandchildren.
  2. Trips to Niagara Falls with passes to major Niagara Falls attractions for your family reunion.
  3. Championship golf in Niagara with your nephew at John Daly’s Thundering Waters or Rees ‘Jones’ Grand Niagara.

The possibilities are endless; the memories priceless! Please contact us to adapt any of our vacation packages to suit your special needs. Please inquire when booking your package at 1-877-356-6385 or e-mail us.

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